Dr. A. Lobel
Royal Observatory of Belgium

The Rho Cas Millennium Outburst in the Media

Popular Science Magazine Articles

Mercury Magazine, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Vol. 33, No. 1, 13.
Keep an Eye on Hypergiant ρ Cassiopeiae (pdf 8 Mb).

Stichting de Koepel, Sterrengids 2004, Variable Stars, eds. M. Drummen and J. Meeus, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 144.
ρ Cassiopeiae - the Hypergiant. Variable of the Year by G. Comello (in Dutch, pdf 4.1 Mb).

Astronomy Now Magazine, June 2003 issue, 74.
When Stars Get Hyper! by K. Cooper (pdf 3.8 Mb).

Science News, Vol 163, No. 7, Feb 15 2003.
Starry eruption on a grand scale by R. Cowen (pdf 0.8 Mb).

Science Magazine, Vol 299, 501, Jan 24 2003.
Stars Behaving Badly by R. Irion (pdf 0.3 Mb).

Newspaper Articles

USA Today, Jan 8 2003, p. 5D.
"Hypergiant" by M. Healy (pdf 0.4 Mb).

The Charlotte Observer, USA, Jan 10 2003.
Bright Star Erupts by P. Recer of The Associated Press (pdf 0.5 Mb).

The Ottawa Citizen, Canada, Jan 8 2003, p. A8.
Big, bright star by P. Recer (pdf 1 Mb).