Dr. A. Lobel
Royal Observatory of Belgium

HD 64760 in the Media

Radio Report

Belgium VRT Radio 1 Newsflash of 11 December 2008 (0.5 Mb .mp3 in Dutch)

News Magazine Articles

Knack Weekly Magazine (Roularta Media Group ISSN. 0772-3210) No. 5 2009 28 Jan. p. 61 (0.7 Mb .pdf in Dutch)

Le Journal des Ingénieurs (La FABI asbl.), Mensuel No. 121 2009 May p. 14-17 (0.2 Mb .pdf in French)

Online Reports

Belgium RTBF Info Espace: Des bras spiraux enveloppent les étoiles plus massives

The Washington Post Online Belgium

The Netherlands Allesoversterrenkunde.nl

The Netherlands AstroStart.nl

PhysOrg.com Space & Earth science / Astronomy